The House
September 1902

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The House

Published September 1902

The House, monthly sixpence

September 1902 Edition


Bust head
The Decline of Art Nouveau
Silver chalice
Record Prices for Old Silver
Jacobean furniture
Identifying Jacobean Furniture
and Other Styles
decorative furniture panel
Decorative Furniture Panel
Sketches from a designer
William Morris bust
Apostles of Art - William Morris
Ornate reading room
Chats on Hygiene - VI
Axe to chop walnut tree
Gossip about a walnut tree
Figurative patterns
Gossip about the
Maharajah of Jaipur
Ornate hinge design
Lessons in Metal Work (Part 3)
Ornate door knocker design
Suggestions for the
DIY metal worker
Japanese dragon head
The Japanese Universal Exhibition
Holland unbrella case
How to make a
Holland Umbrella Case
linen pattern
The Supplement illustrates
a very pretty frame
Hexagonal tile pattern
Chippendale and Sheraton
furniture collection
Leather covered stool
A leather cover for a stool
ornate embroidery frame
Embroidery mounted in
miniature frames
Looking out of witches window
An oak witch's chest owned
by Elizabeth Swann
Free rocking horse design
How to make a DIY rocking horse
leaves at an art school
Art Schools and Exhibitions
Model posing for drawing
Bristol & Clifton Arts
and Crafts Society
Texile designer wondering
Developments and departures
in the textile arts
Linen pattern design
The home craft possibilities
with Linen
Leather dying pots
The art of staining
and dyeing leather, part III
Vintage furniture
Old vs New Furniture
Leather working tools
Revival of the home craft industry
Woman sipping tea
Notes of Interest
Victorian corner furniture
Illustrated Answers to
Vintage bromide photography
Letters on Photography,
Episode VI
Lady reading Mr Unwin's books
Mr. Unwin's List of Novels
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