The House
September 1902

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A leather cover for a stool

Published September 1902

A beautiful leather stool cover vintage design

A beautiful leather stool cover vintage design
image vintage leather design for a bas stool

The design for a stool top would look well worked out in cowhide stained brown with caustic soda and mounted on a fumed oak stool, the outline of the design cut and embossed in the usual way, or else use a piece of dyed leather calf skin; a rich dark red or green coloured. Outline the design with a tracing wheel or tool while damp, and stretch the portions of the flowers and leaves with a modelling tool, and fill in from the back with meal stuffing. Mark the shade lines firmly with the tool on the still damp leather, and press the edges again if they are not clear enough. Punch the background with a star punch where it is shaded dark, and with a ring punch to form the cross in the centre.

Leather Worker


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