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The House, monthly sixpence

September 1902 Edition

Welcome to my house

Deborah Upshaw journalist

by Deborah Upshaw

Professional social media advocate. Devoted pop culture geek. Passionate travel lover.

Allow me to give you my warmest welcome to this issue of The House from September 1902. The monthly magazine covers furnishing, decoration, social functions, amateur work, cuisine and general comfort. Like other magazines, you can pick up this magazine and just straight in at any page that piques your interest.

I count myself a re-editor of this magazine with the mission of bringing general interest from a different age to the current medium of webpages. Our webpages are searchable and can be easily linked to in Twitter. The is a long stretch from browsing dusty newspapers in the library. Even the alternate of pinch-and-zooming into a low resolution scan of the document is tiresome. I have gone back through the archives and made this content readily readable on your browser. Minor corrections have been made and occasionally a re-edit to make it a more enjoyable read. What I have not taken away is the enjoyment of browsing enjoyable content that has remained unobtainable for over a century. Music collectors have long known this enjoyment and have called it crate-diving. That is going through crates of records in second hand shops looking for lost content played by gifted musicians or music that is good but never really picked up in the mainstream. Unfortunately, the written form does not have a similar term that we can flick into a conversation as an idiomatic expression in order to gain acknowledgment.

We are all travellers. Many people say they have visited the seven continents have many a tall story to tell. I consider myself a traveller in time. Flicking through these pages, I have found myself going back in time when romance was high, technology was in its infancy and people found comfort in the crafts. Within these pages we have stories, photos, hand-drawn illustrations and long lost lists of quaint information.

To review the pages from a media viewpoint misses the best part. Imagine, if you will, going back to 1902 and entering a friend's house. You can look around, pick up charms and trinkets that are sitting proudly on the side-table. In a muffled tone you can hear an interesting conversation around the topics of the day. You have travelled to a different world.

These pages represent a different world from the world of today. I am very glad to help in sharing this journey with a new generation and with you.

Re-editor in Chief


The decline of Art Nouveau furniture

The decline of
Art Nouveau

Identifying Jacobean Furniture

Identifying Jacobean
and other furniture

Apostle of Art William Morris

Apostle of Art
William Morris


Holland portable umbrella case

Make your own
Holland umbrella case

A beautiful leather stool cover vintage design

Vintage leather stool
cover design

DIY Rocking Horse

Build your own
rocking horse

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