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Electric automatic gate patent 1893

Canadian Patents Issued, 18 March 1893


1893 was a time of significant technological and industrial advancements. It was also an exciting time for inventors. Many new inventions and innovations were made in fields such as transportation, communication, and manufacturing. The Canadian government was also making efforts to support the growth of Canadian industry, which included the promotion of Canadian inventors and their inventions. Many Canadian inventors and entrepreneurs were creating new businesses and filing patents in various fields, such as agriculture, construction, mechanics, and electrical engineering. Previously, in 1891, the Canadian government established the Patent Office which was responsible for granting patents and promoting the interests of Canadian inventors. The patents listed here are some of the earliest Canadian patents ever registered.

It is worth noting that while it was an exciting time for Canadian inventors, it was also a challenging one. There were limited opportunities for Canadian inventors to commercialize their inventions, as many of the large markets were dominated by foreign companies. Additionally, the Canadian economy during this time was heavily dependent on the export of natural resources and raw materials, which made it difficult for new technologies and industries to establish themselves. This period was an exciting time for Canadian inventors but it was also a challenging one as they were facing some obstacles in commercializing their inventions.

Patents issued this week

They cover a wide range of different inventions and industries, from compasses for ships to foot rasps for horses to mail cancelling machines. Out of the patents listed on the page, here are three that would be of most interest to the modern reader:

Saturday, 18th March 1893

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Artist impression of inventor drawings
Artist impression of inventor drawings
Artist impression of inventor drawings
Artist impression of inventor drawings

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