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Having recognized for years past the necessity of a journal to meet the requirements of the engineering and inventive public, and having waited in vain for others to fill this need, we have come to the rescue and commenced the publication of this Journal. In presenting this issue we have endeavored to outline the proposed subject matter and policy of the journal, and our subscribers and supporters may rest assured that each subsequent issue will surpass the one immediately preceding it. It is our aim to bring before the Canadian mechanic a description of the latest improved machinery for manufacturing purposes, and it is also part of our aim to present to inventors, intending applicants for patents, and patentees, matters of importance transpiring around them in the patent world. To successfully accomplish our objectives it is necessary that we should receive the support of the entire mechanical and inventive branches, and all subscriptions and advertisements addressed to us will be promptly attended to.

Feature Articles

Canadian Patent System

Stand up for the
Canadian Patent System

Locating tools in a workshop

Locating tools
in a workshop

Automatic knife grinding machine

Automatic knife
grinding machine

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We proudly bring you the best news from April 1893 on the latest innovations released in the Canadian Patent system. These articles provide a review of key developments in engineering during this period. Most of our features are based on mechanical engineering improvements, there are also increasingly important features about electrical engineering as well. The Engineer & Inventor Journal fills an important gap in retrospective views with commentary and reviews in the voice of those who were living through this interesting period. You may discover for yourself that concerns people had in the day are still relevant and topic to our modern activities. Be sure to review our comprehensive table of contents.

The articles features in the April 1893 edition of Engineer & Inventor cover both the politics of the English establishment, the benefits of using electricity in the Chemical Industry, Steam Engine lubrication, all the way down to simple workforce office innovations such as a desk with a retractable typewriter. I often get asked what my favourite reads are, and to that I often response with the detailed review of the patent litigation over the Three-Wire System system for electricity generation. It is clear that many industry standards are derived from many years of patent invention, refinement, and litigation.

The focus of this engineering journal is on Canadian Patents that made the news in 1893. Canadian inventors are particularly well catered for in this Journal. However, students of engineering history will also find favour as well. Be sure to walk through the vintage advertisements as well.

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