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The Builder Heritage Journal   | 26 April 1902

Illustration—Design for Central Offices and Public Hall, Thames Embankment

Floor plans for the Central Offices and Public Hall, Thames Embankment

Design for Central Offices and Public Hall, Thames Embankment

This design was prepared some time since for a large site then vacant at Whitefriars fronting the Embankment, for a combination of offices, warehouses, and printing works, with a great public hall for religious meetings. The buildings were arranged with a central mass to emphasise that they formed grouped departments of one organisation the importance of which was to be expressed both in the building and the site. Surrounding rights of light indicated the advisability of setting back the upper stories, internal areas were provided and smoke and ventilating shafts were grouped in the central tower.

Beresford Pite.

Artists impression for Central Offices and Public Hall, Thames Embankment
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