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The House, monthly sixpence

October 1902 Edition

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The House journal is our answer to the quest for a useful arts and handicrafts magazine. Our magazine focuses on the art of crafting and making, offering readers a wealth of information, inspiration, and practical advice for pursuing their creative interests. This issue is packed with articles, tutorials, and profiles of artists and artisans who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of crafts and handiwork. Whether you are an experienced crafter or just starting out, the The House journal is your essential resource for anyone who loves to make and create. With a focus on traditional techniques and modern innovations, the magazine provides a unique window into the world of crafts, offering readers a glimpse of the latest trends, tools, and materials, as well as in-depth insights into the history and culture of crafting. Whether you are looking to improve your skills, find new inspiration, or simply learn more about the fascinating world of crafts and handiwork, this magazine is sure to be an invaluable resource.


New continental furniture trends

New continental
furniture trends

Unraveling the Secrets of the Macclesfield School of Art Needlework

School of Art

Promoting the art of weaving in English education

Promoting the
art of weaving

Arts & Crafts

Metalwork ideas embossed vintage book cover (free download)

Metalwork ideas
embossed book cover

Woodcarving ideas vintage teapot base design (free download)

Woodcarving ideas
teapot base

Beginner'sguide to the stencilled frieze

Stencilled frieze
beginner's guide

Beginner's guide to flooring appliqué

Beginner's guide to
flooring appliqué

Modern Victorian Objects

Ornamental metal craft Victorian Electroliers (electric chandeliers)

Ornamental metal
Victorian Electroliers

Vintage Electric Bell-Push Telephones for the Home Decorator

Vintage Electric
Bell-Push Telephones

Quality Victoria Era Oak Furniture cabinet designs - Simple to Build

Victoria Era Oak
furniture designs

Regular Topics

Architecture, wallpaper and good houses

William Morris on
architecture & textiles

Lessons In Leatherwork - Tools and the like

Lessons on
leatherwork Tools

Letters on Photography, creating your own authentic vintage developer

DIY photography
developer solution

Exhibitions & Competitions

Art schools and Exhibitions - October 1902

Art exhibitions
October 1902


Illustrated Answers by Penelope for arts, crafts, sketches, modelling

Illustrated Answers
crafts and modelling

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