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A hearthrug in Appliqué

floral appliqué design
image  detailed design of the floral aspect

The idea for using appliqué for floor covering is possibly new to many of my readers. An experiment which I made—experimentation with art work of various kinds is one of my hobbies led me to the conviction that appliqué, with the conditions which I shall set out in a moment, is perfectly suitable for this purpose. The hearthrug which I suggest for this work is to be 2yds. 6in. long, and 1½ yds. wide.

The basis is of brown felt and the appliqué is made of the canvas usually used for embroidery point (Broderie Peinte). The leaves are in moss green and the fruit is orange colour. The stems and outlines of the leaves are to be executed in stout terra-cotta coloured wool, and the two extreme ends of the rug are to be carried out in a heavy and bold button-hole stitch. This stitch is to be applied also to the outside edges of the canvas. The design can then be cut out without incurring any risk of unravelling the material. All the rest of the work is to be done in the ordinary crewel stitch. The leaves and fruit will be fixed to the felt with thread after they have been worked separately in the manner described.

Madame Tambour.

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image  working design of a hearthrug in appliqué
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