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September 1902

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Art Schools and Exhibitions

Published September 1902

Arts and Crafts Movement

Newton Abbott Arts and Crafts Society

The seventh annual exhibition of this society will be held during October. Anyone desirous of exhibiting should apply to the Honorable Secretary, Miss Mary Kippax King, St. Brendan's, Newton Abbott, from wrhom rules and full particulars may be obtained. [Editor's Note: Obviously this call for entries is a century old. Please do not consider this as a current call for applications]

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The Dublin Show

The following figures concerning the Art Industries Exhibition, held in conjunction with the National Horse Show, make clear the steady progress which marks the revival of many beautiful art industries in Ireland :

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Women's Arts and Crafts Exhibition

The Womens’ Arts and Crafts Exhibition at Endcliffe Hall, Sheffield, attracted a great deal of attraction. It was opened on the first day by the Countess Fitzwilliam, and on the second by Lady Wilson.

Marquetry and metal work, some of which was in aluminium, was shown, and the beaten clock faces that have been in evidence at several recent exhibitions were also displayed here. One of the most interesting features was the loan collection of antique needlework. The fire-screen worked by Mary Queen of Scots, a silk valance by the same hand, and some fourteenth century embroidery, Stuart embroidery, and many other priceless pieces of art were on show. The exhibition did great credit to the association, and marks a notable advance in women's success in the arts and crafts.

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Northumberland Handicrafts Guild

The Northumberland Handicrafts Guild held an exhibition at Newcastle just after the last number of this journal was published. Wood carving and embroidery were the main exhibits, and a loan collection of handicraft work was much admired.

The opening ceremony was presided over by the Rev. H. C. Windley, who in a short speech sketched out the line the association should take. Miss Noble, who opened the exhibition, wished the guild every success. The exhibition closed on 6 Auigust 1902.

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Edinburgh and Midlothian Competitive Industrial Exhibition

The Edinburgh and Midlothian Competitive Industrial Exhibition will be held from 15-18 October 1902 inclusive. The principal prize is a pianoforte, presented by Messrs. Townsend and Thomson, of George Street, Edinburgh. £300 in prizes will be awarded for exhibits in oil paintings, water colours, photographs, mechanical drawings, etc.; also mechanical work, model engines, yachts, ships, hand-painting, fretwork, stuffed birds, artificial flowers, wood carving, and ladies’ useful and ornamental work of every description, children’s school work, dressed poultry, butter, eggs, jams, jellies, bees, honey, and bread baking competitions.

The secretary is Mr. A. T. Hutchinson, 7, North St. Andrew Street, Edinburgh.

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Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society

The Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society will hold their next display in the New Gallery, beginning in the first week of January next. The exhibition will be on the lines of previous ones, but only artists and craftsmen of the United Kingdom will be allowed to show, because reasons of space make it necessary to exclude foreign exhibitors. Work will be received for selection by the committee during three days of the last week of December, to be arranged subsequently.

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Cumberland and Westmoreland Society of Arts and Crafts

The Cumberland and Westmoreland Society of Arts and Crafts will hold their sixth annual exhibition in the C orporation Art Gallery, Tullie House, Carlisle, from 30 August to 27 September inclusive. The classes include oil painting, water-colour painting, miniatures, illuminating, pen-and-ink drawing, pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, architectural drawing, etching and engraving, decorative design, photography, printing, sculpture and modelling, gesso work, pottery, tiles and terra cotta work, glass work, bookbinding, leather work, decorative needlework, smocking, lace, textile fabrics, metalwork, wood carving, and cabinet making.

The president of the society is the Right Hon. the Earl of Carlisle; the secretary, Mr. Ernest W. Beaty, 30, Lonsdale-street, Carlisle.

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The Editor is always pleased to receive notices of exhibitions of arts and crafts, and particulars from time to time of special work carried out by art centres.

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