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Patented Vetter Typewriter Desks

The typewriter, as shown in the image, is independent from the desk or writing table, and papers and books will not have to be removed when the typewriter is wanted for use.

To use the typewriter in any position desired, Vetter adopted a turn-table on the board or platform which holds the machine, so that it may be turned more to the left or clear to the end of the desk. To replace the typewriter in its compartment, a tip with one finder to the upper end of the arm, with the slot therein, which holds the platform in its position, will let the machine downward in a cushion-like manner, to lean against the inside of left end of desk. It may then be pushed backwards as far as it goes with a push of the left hand, as it runs very easy on a track and on wheels; the door which leans against the extreme end of the desk, swinging on pin hinges, will shut-off the compartment with the machine, and locks with a good flat key lock.

Patented Vetter Typewriter Desk
image  the patented Vetter typewriter desk

When the typewriter is wanted for use, unlock the door, swing it back to the end of the desk, pull out the typewriter by the handle (seen near the edge of the platform ) as far as it goes. The machine with platform will then lift itself upward, by means of the counter-balance weight, and catch into a notch on the catch arm, to make it stationary and ready for use. The image shows the typewriter in a position ready to be used.

In placing before the business public this line of typewriter desks, Vetter states that they are made exactly like all Vetter's goods, first-class in every respect, and should not be compared with others in the market. Vetter guarantees every desk they manufactured to be satisfactory, of good material and well made.

The Office Specialty Co., Toronto, made these desks in Quarter-sawed Oak and finished in any shade, from the very light to the dark, and as dark as Black Walnut.

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At the publisher of Engineer & Inventor, we do a lot of typing. Our modern means is the laptop keyboard; however, we do hold onto a mechanical typewriter. As you can appreciate, our mechanical typewriter is more of the ornamental variety that guests invariably love to use to mash the keyboard with. We have highlighted the Patented Vetter typewriter desk as a suitable accompaniment to the vintage collector.

Many people like the convenience of having a keyboard hand on the desk, but also appreciate any means that can remove clutter when the desk top is not in use. The Vetter desk demonstrates just such an appropriate utility with a stable platform during operation and a discreet recess when returning the desk to display. As is typical of the period, the construction appears to be solid and worthy of use. Interestingly, there are also three single unit height drawers and another slid-out extension platform. There are also two double-height drawers that me be used for vertical filing of suspender folders. The image does draw the eye to the drawer contents in the right storage drawer. We can not make out from the original print what to make of these lines. What springs to our minds is the potential to use this drawer as the ultimate cable chord and power cable storage locker. You will never need to throw out another cable again.


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