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Automatic Knife Grinding Machine

Automatic knife grinding machine

We here illustrate a machine for sharpening and setting cutting tools for planing machines, bookbinders' cutting machines, curriers' knives, long knives and power shears of all descriptions. This machine is constructed to carry an emery wheel variable in diameter from 24 to 8 inches, without any alteration to traverse belt of table. The emery wheel hangs in a swing frame which is held in position by two guide stays and can be instantly set for any size. These machines have been in successful operation, and every one of them has ben the expectation and requirements of the owner.

It is primarily an automatic machine and requires little or no intervention whilst the knife is being ground. In operation of the machine the knife is rigidly bolted to the carraige, and is moved to the emery wheel by means of adjusting screws. The machine is then set in motion, and by means of a pinion driven from the operating machanism of the machine meeting with a rock on the carriage, the carriage is moved from end to end of the bed plate, and the knife bolted to it is carried clear of the emery wheel at each end of its travel, and by means of a long shifter attached to the carraige, the travel of the carraige is reversed at the completion of each end of its stroke. By means of a machine of this kind, the knife will uniformly set and ground with greater accuracy and in less time than by any other means at the present known.

This machine is manufactured by Messrs. A. Schneider & Co., Pearl St., Toronto.

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