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Locating tools in the workshop
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Devoted to Mechanical and Civil Engineering


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A Report of Judicial Decisions on Patent Law.

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A guide for millwrights, machinists, inventors and patentees

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A mart for the sale of patented and unpatented inventions.

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Terms :- One dollar per annum, payable strictly in advance. Clubs of three, $2.25; Clubs of five, S3.25. Larger clubs, in associations, sent through association officials, 75c.

Individual members, subscribing at a different time from that of the formation of the Club, may send their subscriptions to this office. Their orders will be taken at club rates.

New subscriptions may begin at any time. Payment, when by mail, should be made by post-office or registered letters. Money sent in unregistered letters will be at the risk of the senders.

In case it may be necessary to make change, please send it in three-cent stamps.

Renewals of all subscriptions should be made promptly.

☞Subscribers addressing the office on any business will, in all cases, please give the names of the post-offices to which their papers are being sent at the time of writing.

Rates of advertising will be sent on application.

Business communications should be addressed to the publishers. Those relating to matter for insertion in the paper to the editor. These distinct matters should always be treated on separate sheets of paper.

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As many people, either thoughtlessly or carelessly take papers from the Post Office regularly for some time, and then notify the publishers that they do not wish to take them, thus subjecting the publishers to considerable loss, inasmuch as the papers are sent regularly to the addresses in good faith on the supposition that those removing them from the Post Office wish to receive them regularly, it is right that we should state what is the LAW in the matter.

1. Any person who regularly removes from the Post Office a periodical publication addressed to him, by so doing makes himself in law a subscriber to the paper, and is responsible to the publisher for its price until such time as all arrears are paid.

2. Refusing to take the paper from the Post Office, or requesting the Postmaster to return it, or notifying the puiblishers to discontinue sending it, the person who has been regularly receiving it, but this liability continues until all arrears are paid.

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This article is a reprint of an existing article from Engineer and Inventor, April 1893. It is the intent of this website to present this article in human and machine readable form. Format and editing changes have been made. This article is provided for the purpose of enjoyment only. Statements in this article were relevant to the published period and may not be applicable in current times.