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Illustration—Express Dairy Co. Building in Ludgate-Hill design by Young & Hall

This building, which was erected from the designs of Messrs. Young & Hall, has a frontage of 17 ft. 6 in., and a depth of building, about 67 ft. The basement contains a smoking-room the entire length of the main building, with a small scullery and boiler-house behind. The ground floor and first floor are luncheon and tea rooms; the second-floor private rooms, with lavatory accommodation; and the third floor contains the kitchen, scullery, storerooms, etc. The front of the building is entirely of Doulting stone, the walls of the basement are lined entirely with glazed tiles, and the ground and first floor with faierce ware made by Messrs. Whitehead & Co.

The general builders were Messrs. L.H.&R. Roberts; the heating was carried out by Messrs. Kinnell, the lifts by the B. and S. Folding Gate Co., the fireproof floors by Messrs. Fawcett, and the electric lighting by Messrs. Coleby.

New premises, 54 Ludgate Hil. Messrs Young and Hall Architects
illustration  New premises, 54 Ludgate Hil. Messrs Young & Hall Architects
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