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Building Design Competition News

Upper Schools Standard for Dudley

On the 14th inst. a meeting of the Dudley School Board was held in regard to the proposed new upper standard school. Alderman G. H. Dunn, who presided, moved the adoption of the report of the Special Committee, remarking that Mr. Bailey, Architect to the London School Board, who had been called in as an expert, had examined the nine sets of competitive plans sent in, and considered the most suitable ones to be those of Messrs. Barrowcliffe and Allcock, of Loughborough, the carrying out of which, he was assured, would come well within the estimate of 10,090l. Mr. F. W. Cook seconded, remarking that the main school would be a two-story building, the boys being accommodated on the lower floor and the girls in the upper story, The resolution was adopted.

New Schools, High Brooms

As the result of a limited competition, in which six local architects took part, the Southborough (Kent) School Board have appointed Mr. C. H. Strange, A.R.I.B.A., of Tunbridge Wells, architect for their new schools at High Brooms.

Epileptic Colony, Langho

The time for sending competition drawings for the above, for the Chorlton and Manchester Joint Asylum Committee, has been extended to May 2, 1902.

Restoration of Parish Church, Clapham

This building is to be restored. Professor Berestord Pite is the architect, and Messrs. Garrett & Sons the builders.

Funding the restoration of the Parish Church of St. Bartholomew

The Parish Church, Lyng.—The Vicar of Lyng, Somersetshire, asks for contributions to a fund for the restoration of the parish church of St. Bartholomew, at an estimated cost of 1,500l. The church, formerly a "capella" of the abbey, comprises a nave with north and south porches, and a fine west window, a chancel, and a western embattled tower 60 ft. high. The masonry, flooring and roofing have greatly decayed.

The Benedictine Abbey was founded and dedicated to our Saviour and St. Peter by King Alfred as a memorial of his retreat in the Isle of Athelney, which is situated, at the junction of the rivers Tone and Parret, within the parish of Lyng. The abbey church, rebuilt in 1321, an annual revenue estimated at 209l. at the time of its surrender by Robert Hamlyn, the last Abbot. A fund has been raised for the reparation of the monument erected on the site of the abbey at Athelney Hill. In the vicinity, at Newton Park, was found, in 1693 the "King Alfred's Jewel," now preserved in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

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