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Surveyor's Institution proceedings, general meeting, annual dinner

In consequence of the unexpected prolongation of the proceedings of the general meeting of members on the 14th inst., when various recommendations of the Council as to proposed alterations of the charter and by-laws were considered, it was found necessary to postpone the reading of the paper on "Compensation for Fruit Planting," by Mr. C, H. Hooper, until the ordinary general meeting of Monday, 28 April 1902, after the general meeting of members called for 7.30 on the same evening for the confirmation of the resolutions passed at the last meeting.

The annual dinner of the Institution will be held on Wednesday, 7 May 1902.

It has been decided on the invitation of the Cambridge, Huntingdon, Norfolk, and Suffolk Provincial Committee, to hold the next country meeting at Cambridge on May 22 and 23. The morning of the first day will be devoted to papers and discussions, after which the visiting members will be entertained at luncheon by the Provincial Committee. The afternoon will be devoted to an inspection of the colleges and university buildings, and a visit to Ely, with a dinner in the evening; the second day to excursions to Sandringham (by permission of his Majesty the King), and to Cheveley, by invitation of Colonel McCalmont, M.P.

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