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The 6 Best Victorian arts and crafts projects

Updated 1 January 2023

Deborah Upshaw journalist

by Deborah Upshaw

Professional social media advocate. Devotee of the arts & crafts movement. Inquisitive lover of the finer things.

The Victorian era was an incredible period where people created amazing objects. The Arts and Crafts movement is best known by people like William Morris. But it's the everyday person who turned this period into an explosion of creativity. It is worthwhile to look back at these arts and crafts projects to see what ideas can work for us today. Our society is complete with mass-manufactured goods. Our homes are craving the uniqueness of a handmade artefact. I'll walk through six of what I believe are the best projects from the Victorian era. These are wholesome weekend project that will improve your mindfulness and create beauty.

Woman working on DIY craft project

7 easy weekend projects from the Victorian era

These are seven of the best weekend projects from the Victorian era. These projects will create an artistic object of beauty in your home. Most of these projects need some materials from a craft shops. These projects are also a great inspiration for your own projects. Take a design from here. Use a technique from there. Incorporate what you want into your own projects.

Each of these arts and crafts projects come with a free downloadable sheet—No signup required. You may copy these PDFs and print them for your own projects. It's all about creating beautiful objects for your home.

Marquetry Painting

Decorative photo frame edge project

This project brings out the finest arts & crafts by applying little pieces of ornament to your small wood projects. Your project can be further developed by using delicate pigment to add colour to your project. It's best to start on a small project to develop your style and skills. Larger projects can then be tackled.
project page >

Decorative copper photo frame edging

Decorative photo frame edge project

This simple project will create a lovely photo frame corner. This is the ideal for sprucing up those plain photo frames. The project is a very simple project using a thin sheet of copper. The project page contains simple instructions from the Victorian era. The page also has a free download sheet—no sign-up required. The decorative corner will brighten up plain photo frames. The same technique can applied to other items of furniture as well.
project page >

Leather stool cover

Leather cover for wooden stool project

This is a classic Victorian arts and crafts project. A simple off cut piece of leather can create a beautiful new object of design. The stool cover has a decorative design pattern that you can also use on other projects as well. This weekend project uses only the most basic of leather work tools. The leather work tools are available from any craft store. The leather work approach is also suitable for decorating plain furniture. Be warned; You may not be able to stop at just one piece of furniture.
project page >

Easy umbrella case

DIY canvas umbrealla case

This easy fabric project will create a decorative umbrella case. This umbrella case will tidy and present your family home entrance. This project is particularly appealing as it highlights many Victorian era motifs. You may use these motifs on many of your arts and crafts projects. The project page contains easy to follow instructions. There is also a free downloadable plan—no signup required. The beauty of this project is in its fine arts and crafts details.
project page >

Ornate teapot stand

Create an ornate teapod stand

This little project will have you pulling out the woodcarving tools. It is easy to carve ornate designs. Your craftsmanship will be unique and standout from mass-produced goods. The project involves using a suitable block of wood to use as a tea stand. The level of finishing remains your preference. The project page page walks you through the instructions. There is also a free downloadable plan—no signup required. The basic tools and materials are available from most hardware stores or online.
project page >

Embossed book cover

Embossed book cover design

This project steps up your arts and crafts skills. This project only uses basic crafting tools and materials. Your weekend project will create a lovely book or photo album cover. The project page contains simple instructions to get you going. The project page has a free downloadable template&mdashno signup required. You can also use the Victorian era pattern on other projects as well. This will create a unique arts and crafts cover for your personal diaries as well.
project page >

Vintage rocking horse

Plans to build a Victorian rocking horse

The Victorian rock horse project is our most popular project. People are keen to build a timeless children's object. The project plans involve using the sketch to draw up the construction plans. The construction appears easy and most of your effort will involve decorations. The project page contains instructions. The plans are on a free downloadable—no sign up required. These plans may also scaled down to a toy house miniature.
project page >

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