The House
September 1902

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Published September 1902

Pretty lady reading book
image  The enjoyment of midsummer reading. Acknowledgement to Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.

Mr. Unwin's List of Novels

Midsummer, 1902.
Extra Crown 8vo.    Price 6s. each

  • High Policy, C. F. Keary
  • The Strange Adventure of James Shervinton, Louis Becke
  • The Deeps of Deliverance, F. Van Eeden
  • A Modern Monarch, Frank C. Lewis
  • The Passioon of Mahael, Lilian Bowen Rowlands
  • The Lady-Killer, H. De Mere Stacpoole
  • Three of Them, Maxim Gorky
  • Love and the Soul Hunters, John Oliver Hobbes
  • The Man in the Street, Lucas Cleeve
  • A Lady's Honour, Bass Blake
  • An Australian Girl in London, Louise Mack
  • From Behind the Arras, Mrs. Philip Champion de Crespigny
  • Helen Adair, Louis Becke
  • The Long Vigil, Janner Taylor
  • In Chaucer's Maytime, Emily Richings
  • Five Children and It, E. Nesbit

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September Number Now Read. Price 6d.

CONTENTSSome experienmces of a missionary in Toro and Pygmy Land, told by Miss M. B. Lloyd. A Forest Fire, by Harry Dixon. Mrs. Leslie, by Zoë Proctor. Wit at the Court of Charles II., by A. J. Hughes. Joe Buckley's Last Will, by Amy H. Langdon. Sicilian Sketches, by W. and A. M. Miller. The Strange Adventure of James Shervinton, by Louis Becke. Chateaubriand, by Arthur Berrington. The Third Adventure of Aga Mirza—The House in the Lal Bazaar—by Auila Kempster. Orford, by N. G. Richardson. The Rock Temples of Ellora, by Athol Forbes

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