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Applications under the London Building Act 1894

Applications under the London Building Act 1894

The London County Council at their meeting on Tuesday dealt with the following applications under the London Building Act, 1894. The names of applicants are given between parentheses;

Kensington, South

That the resolution reported to the Council on January 21, 1902, with reference to the erection of a block of residential flats on the site of Nos. 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21, Abingdon Villas, Kensington, be varied by the addition after the words "not to build to a height exceeding 16 ft. on the plot of land coloured green on the said plans" of the words "such height being however exclusive of lantern lights not exceeding in area one-half the area of the corridor to be erected on the said plot and not exceeding in height 3 ft.—Agreed

Lines of Frontage and Projections

Width of Way

Deviations from Certified Plans

Width of Way, Lines of Frontage, and Projections

Line of Frontage and Space at Rear

Width of Way, Line of Frontage and Space at Rear

Line of Frontage and Construction

Buildings for the Supply of Electricity

Means of Escape from High Buildings

N.B. The recommendations marked † are contrary to the view of the local authorities.

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