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Editor's Notice and apology from previous The Builder editions

editor's correction and apology

"MAGAZINES AND REVIEWS."—Mr. J. G. Leigh the writer of the three articles on the Isthmian Canal question referred to under the above heading in our issue of the 12th inst., complains that we have misrepresented him in saying that they were "practically the same articles." We admit that the expression was rather too sweeping; the articles differ in literary arrangement and form, though in the main they give much the same information and use the same arguments. The point of our remark, however, was merely this: that editors as a rule (as Mr. Leigh will find if he makes inquiry) strongly object to a contributor on any special subject writing simultaneously on the same subject in another magazine. An editor likes his magazine to have its own individuality, and not to see its subjects and contributors reflected, as it were, in the pages of another magazine. That is the whole meaning of our query: it referred simply to a question of literary or journalistic etiquette and was not meant as the slightest imputation on the writer. Mr. Leigh, however, now informs us that "the editors of the respective magazines were made aware that articles by me upon the subject of the Isthmian Canal would appear in other periodicals." In that case, of course, our criticism would fall to the ground, and we regret having made it.

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