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Easy composting for your garden

Updated 24 July 2021

Author Maxwell P Lee

by Maxwell P Lee

Internet maven. Science fanatic. Unable to type with boxing gloves on. Coffee junkie. Avid thinker.

Are you tired of always having your trash overflowing at pick up time? We were, until we discovered how easy compositing your organic material really is. You will love it and your plants will love it. No single chemical fertilizer or animal manure by itself can match the goodness of nutrient-rich, homemade compost. This page gives some ideas that can make compositing interesting. Composting helps with fertilizing that helps your gardening that helps grow your chilis to use in your hot sauce.

Health composting tricks and tips

Composting Basics

Composting isn't the usual sort of thing we bring up in everyday conversation. It isn't new and has been used in farming for over four millennia. But we all need to do something positive for the environment and this is our thing. Using our organic waste to help grow our garden and feed our worms. Forget buying expensive fertilizers when you can make your very own. We will also let you in on our own little secret. You can use paper shredded by your security shredder in your compost. Read on and we will show you how.

We already throw out thousands of tons of organic waste that ends up as landfill. This is a waste (pun intended). Look at what you are throwing out. Almost half of our rubbish consists of kitchen and garden waste.

Composting benefits for the environment

The benefits of composting to the environment would seem self-obvious. However, there have been scientific studies conducted to determine if there is an overall net benefit. Indeed, the US Army conducted a large scale evaluation for military bases (ADA499966). These are their findings, amongst other things;

How to Compost your Organic Material

Do you want to turn your rubbish into fertilizer? Are you confused about how to start composting or would like a reminder of the steps to kicking the composting process off? Many local governments and non-profit organizations publish free how-to guides on composting. Searching you local government's website should give you plenty of material. We have provided links to these here.

My adventures with composting

There are lots of different ways to compost. I am currently using an underground worm farm for our composting. This is a very low maintenance operation that has been going for about a year now. We do occasionally fill the pit to the brim with scraps. After a week or so the scraps have compressed down.

In ground worm farm Composting bin installed in garden

Free Books on Composting

Queensland Australia Waterwise Guide to Composting

Guide to Composting

Wollondilly Council Home Composting Fact Sheet 2015

Create your own Eden

Organic Gardener's Composting audiobook

Organic Gardener
(external audio)

The Answer is Backyard Composting - Santa Barbara County Public Works

Backyard Compositing

Increase your home composting videos

Composting & Recycling Paper

Grimy paper is good for composting

Gooey paper is good for composting

Promoting Composting in your Community

The Home Composting Handbook gives clear guidance on how to promoting home composting in your community. A public workshop on home composting is an effective way to educate people about how to compost and to give them an opportunity to raise their questions and concerns. This handbook gives invaluable tips on how to run a good workshop and answers to frequently asked questions. This will save many hours in preparing your workshops.

Home Composting Handbook

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