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Geo A Watson pattern maker and model maker

Geo. A. Watson

Bristol Clifton Arts and Crafts Society 1902 Exhibition

Bristol and Clifton
Arts Exhibitions

Canadian patents issued week ending 1893-03-16

smokeless frypan
patent for sale

Architecture, wallpaper and good houses

William Morris on
architecture & textiles


T.W. Ness
telephone manufacturer

Vetter Typewriter Desk

Inventor traps
Academy honors


Axle bearing patent
Comet Cycle Company

Arts and crafts making wallpaper

art & mystery of
making wallpaper

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The House Journal

The House September 1902 cover page

The House
September 1902

The House October 1902 cover page

The House
October 1902

The House november 1902 cover page

The House
November 1902

Building & Engineering

Engineer and Inventor Magazine, April 1893

Engineer & Inventor
April 1893

The Heritage Builder Journal - 26 April 1902

The Builder Journal
26 April 1902