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Bristol & Clifton Arts and Crafts Society

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Bristol & Clifton Arts and Crafts Society 1902 Exhibition

An exhibition will be held from 23 October to 1 November, 1902, in the Galleries of the Fine Arts Academy, Bristol. The following is list of exhibition sections and their divisions.

Table List of Exhibition sections and divisions
Section 1 Painting
Division 1 Oil painting
Division 2 Water-colour paining
Division 3 Pastel
Division 4 Miniatures
Section 2 Drawing, Etching, etc.
Division 6 Pen-and-ink drawings
Division 7 Charcoal drawing
Division 8 Machine drawing
Division 9 Architectural drawing
Division 10 Decorative design
Division 11 Engraving
Division 12 Etching
Division 13 Auto-lithography
Section 3 Sculpture
Division 14 Models in terracotta, plater or clay
Division 15 Models in wax
Division 16 Finished work in bronze, marble, etc.
Section 4 Photography
Division 17 Outdoor subjects
Division 18 Architectural, exterior and interior
Division 19 Hand camera photographs
Division 20 Portraiture
Division 21 Genre, figure compositions, etc.
Division 22 Enlargements
Section 5 Decorative Painting
Division 23 Painting on wood
Division 24 Painting on china or pottery, fired
Division 25 Painting on terracotta
Division 26 Painting on tapestry or linen
Division 27 Painting on vellum
Division 28 Illumination
Section 6 Enamels
Division 29 Enamels
Division 30 Jewellery
Section 7 Handicrafts
Division 31 Woodcarving
Division 32 Chip carving
Division 33 Poker work
Division 34 Gesso
Division 35 Inlaid work
Division 36 Pottery
Division 37 Glass
Division 38 Metal work
Division 39 Silver
Division 40 Brass
Division 41 Copper
Division 42 Iron
Division 43 Pewter
Division 44 Other metals
Division 45 Embossed leather work
Division 46 Bookbinding
Section 8 Models
Division 47 Models of Ships
Division 48 Models of machines
Section 9 Needlework
Division 49 Ecclesiastical embroidery on silk
Division 50 Ecclesiastical embroidery on cloth
Division 51 Ecclesiastical embroidery on linen
Division 52 Figure embroidery, ecclesiastical and otherwise
Division 53 Embroidery on silk
Division 54 Embroidery on cloth
Division 55 Embroidery on linen orcotton
Division 56 Embroidered book covers
Division 57 Lace
Division 58 Drawn work
Division 59 Smocking
Section 10 Textile fabrics
Division 60 Handwoven silk
Division 61 Handwoven linen
Division 62 Handwoven wool
Division 63 Handwoven cotton
Division 64 Handwoven mixed fabrics
Division 65 Tapestry
Section 11 Workhouses, Institutions, etc.
Division 66 Smyrna mats
Division 67 Carving
Division 68 Carving
Division 69 Baskets
Division 70 Poker work
Division 71 Lace
Division 72 Metal work
Division 73 Toys (≥1 shilling each in value)
Division 74 Knitting (Blind Institutions only)
Section 12 Elementary Schools
Division 75 Carving
Division 76 Inlaid work
Division 77 Metal work
Division 78 Stencillings
Division 79 Freehand drawing
Division 80 Design

Application for notification forms must be made to the secretary not later than 27 September 1902. No exhibit arriving after Wednesday, 15 October 1902, will be received. For particulars apply to Mr. L. Cranfield Abbott, 6, St Stephens Avenue, Bristol.

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