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September 1902

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How to make a Holland Umbrella Case

Published September 1902

An umbrella case, and how to make it

Holland portable umbrella case
image a Holland portable umbrella case

The umbrella case described herewith is based upon a sketch which gained a prize offered some months ago in this journal. The requirements of the competition were practical and artistic pieces of work, and while the case described presents plenty of opportunity for the display of decorative needlecraft, it also possesses the qualities of practical usefulness in a marked degree, as will be seen from the working drawing. The case consists of a background of stiff holland, carrying in front a loose bag, caught up at intervals to divide the umbrellas it holds one from another. The size and full details are given on the drawing, so that the work of cutting out should be particularly easy, and I think requires no further explanation at my hands. The decoration, however, may perhaps be briefly described.

The fact that the folds of this case are irregular, and that parts of them are always out of view, makes it impossible to apply any set design. Consequently a repeat pattern is selected, and is sketched at full-size here with.

Holland unbrella case floral and braid decoration
imgae Detail A working drawings for the umbrella case
Holland unbrella floral detail decoration
imgae Detail B working drawings for the umbrella case

The pattern is applied to the band across the front of the case, and being of a flowing character, does not lose in appearance if part of it is not seen owing to the folds of the cloth. If the holland is used in its natural colour, the design may be carried out in brown and greens, not too dark in tone. Dyes if put on boiling will not so easily wash out. I do not mean that the dyes should merely be boiled before going on, but must be actually app;lied boiling hot. This may serve to help a correspondent who wrote to me on this point.

It would be a great advantage to have such an umbrella case washable. the case will serve for cabin use or may be taken away for holidays, and the idea may eb useful for those who have yet to take their holidays.

Madame Tambour

Holland unbrella case parts sheet
imgae Holland umbrella case parts sheet
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