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Broderie Peinte - French painted embroidery

Broderie Peinte is adaptable in a hundred different ways, but I have frequently emphasised its extreme usefulness where large surfaces must be decorated in an effective way, and yet in such a way as to bear minute examination. I will proceed to explain the working drawings given with these notes, and run briefly through the details of the method known as Broderie Peinte.

The design is for a portfolio for music or drawings. The basis will be very thin wood or straw board. This will be covered with blue linen, and the hinge design transferred to its proper place and stained a slightly darker shade of blue. The staining must be kept well within the outlines, and the colour should not be put on in a very liquid condition, or it is apt to run outside the lines. A small sponge is an admirable implement for doing the colouring. When the dye is dry the outline is put on in the sketch shown with ruby coloured silk or lustrine, with a very happy and subdued effect.

The working drawing also shows the application of a small leaf banding at the top and bottom of the portfolio. Only one section of the banding is shown on the drawing. The colouring for the banding may be similar to that used for the hinge pattern.

The hinge design may also be used for copper modelling. In this case it will be employed on a shallow box of oak, the wood being merely glass-papered.

Madame Tambour.

DIY magazine or musix box with copper mount
click on image to download stencil plan
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