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Victorian Arts & Crafts

Exploring Different Wallpaper Techniques

Exploring Wallpaper

New Directions in Furniture Design in the Early 1900s

New directions in
furniture deisgn

Create Vintage Charm in Modern Interiors

Vintage Charm with
Victorian Decor

Victorian Era arts and crafts leatherwork at home


Brass, Copper, and Iron: The Preferred Metals of Victorian Household Craftsmanship

Metal Craftsmanship

Exploring the Artistry of Silvester Sparrow

Silvester Sparrow
stained glass

Broderie Peinte - Introduction to creating Art with Fabric and Paint

Painted embroidery
crafting projects

Vintage Rocking Horses: Exploring the Traditional to Whimsical Designs

Exploring Vintage
Rocking Horses

Influential Female Figures in the Arts and Crafts Movement

Influential Women
of Arts & Crafts