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Seasons Greetings for those on the Gregorian calendar. I change it up with William Morris's famous publication, The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine. Check out T.W. Ness's range of modern business telephones in 1893. The sort of mail order scams for inventors is unreal. I investigate the detailed Comet Cycle Company patent for an interesting bicycle bearing. I discover the secret art of making wallpaper. I do another read of the under-rated science fiction blast, Star Trek: Dyson Sphere. Discover the vintage Aerograaph airbursh. Discover the French painted embroidery style of Broderie Peinte. Enjoy!

The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine.

/a/ Arts & Crafts

Bristol Clifton Arts and Crafts Society 1902 Exhibition

Bristol and Clifton
Arts Exhibitions

Architecture, wallpaper and good houses

William Morris on
architecture & textiles

Painted embroidery craft project

Painted embroidery
craft project

DIY antique picture frame corners

DIY copper
picture frame

☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

/r/ Random

Geo A Watson pattern maker and model maker

Geo. A. Watson

Canadian patents issued week ending 1893-03-16

smokeless frypan
patent for sale


T.W. Ness
telephone manufacturer

Vetter Typewriter Desk

Inventor traps
Academy honors

/e/ Editor's Selection

Dublin Atmospheric Railroad

Dublin historic
atmospheric railway

The Best 6 Victorian arts and crafts projects

Best 6 Victorian
craft projects

Practical uses for lighter-than-air craft

Practical and modern
uses for airships

Easy composting items for your garden

Easy compositing
for your garden

/v/ Vintage Magazines

The House November 1902 cover page

The House
November 1902

Engineer and Inventor Magazine, April 1893

Engineer & Inventor
April 1893

The House October 1902 cover page

The House
October 1902

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