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The original home of the Miscellaneum

What's happening this April

Our vintage article fair continues to build momentum with plenty of interest. You might like our crazy gossip about a very old walnut tree. Enjoy!

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Building ventilation

Gossip about
a Walnut Tree

Building ventilation

Chats on
Building Hygiene

Apostle of Art William Morris

Appostle of Art
William Morris

Designer decorative panels

Designer notes on
decorative panels

Identifying Jacobean Furniture

Identifying Jacobean
and other furniture

Record prices for silver in the salesroom in 1902

Record prices splashed
for silver in 1902

The decline of Art Nouveau furniture

The decline of
Art Nouveau

Practical uses for lighter-than-air craft

Practical and modern
uses for airships

Star Trek The Next Generation Dyson Sphere

Star Trek Dyson Sphere
book review